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Welcome To Our 1st Weekly Newsletter!

Volume 1, Issue 1, Date: 10/17/2016

Lead Story Headline

Customers love the brands and styles of women's clothing that we sell— all at an extremely reasonable price. Our consignment store can help you stay current with top fashions, and we receive our inventory weekly as well. So make sure you check back often!1st Impressions New & Used Clothiers passes on our savings to all our custom-ers. We provide it via coupons, discounts, and sign-ups through Facebook, which allows you to receive percentages off your purchase price. Only one discount per total purchased item or items.

Second Story Headline

Our gently used clothing and accessories sometimes has a flaw in the material or on a handbag. Nothing that is troublesome and probably overlooked. In this case we pass the extra savings to you our client. These items will be marked “As Is” and will be priced accordingly. We take pride in our clothing and want you to feel as confident as possible when you purchase our merchandise. With more than 20 years of experience, we have a wide selection of apparel and accessories, including handbags and hats.

Newsletter Spotlight

One of 1st Impressions New & Used Clothiers main focuses is to purchase plus size merchandise.
Extra Savings are pasted to you through our “as is” program.
These savings can save you up to 35% on some selected gently used items.
Only one discount per total purchased item or items.